Dear Parents!

Your Creation Fee is due at the time we took your portrait session.
Payment for the final order is due at the time of ordering.
Your final pictures will be ready for pick up or delivery about 2-3 weeks
after the order is placed.

Prints from digital images:

Album (4x6) size = $7
Medium (5x7) size = $10
Portrait (8x10) size = $20
Large (11x14) size = $45


Printing Photos on Canvas: (Canvas? What is it?)

(11x14) size = $140
(16x20) size = $160


You can order also Digital Electronic Images maximum resolution:
From One to two images -$15 each
From three to four images -$12 each
Five images -$10
For bigger number of photos - additional discount available - Discount for Electronic Images only




For Order just send me e-mail with information about you and
photos which you would like to receive:

Phone number:
Number of photo:_____;size:_____; how many:_____;
Any guestions:
Specific Request:
(artistic or clear background, take off unwanted persons and so on - for additional $10 each image)
Convert image to BW: - free


E-mail to Photographer: Elena Zabelina

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